Friday, August 27, 2010


About 1 year ago from now, Dev tried out to sing the National Anthem at The Dixie Roundup Rodeo, and she won. She did so awesome! I videoed it while crying and when we got home we were watching it and my 3 yr old DELETED it! I cried for days!! Well this year she tried out again, and won AGAIN!! That means I have the chance to TOTALLY REDEEM myself and catch that special moment again!! I am so proud of her. She had to write a paragraph both years on why she would want to sing the National Anthem. They said that is a huge indicator on the winner. She wrote That she loves how she feels when she sings it. And that she loves living in America and being free. I wish I had a copy! (the judges kept it, I probably could have asked for it, had it crossed my mind). So...come out and see her sing her little heart out at the Dixie Roundup Rodeo on September 16th. It's the first night of the rodeo.


Sheri said...

Yeah! Congrats Devyn!! I wish we could come and hear you! You will do great and I am sure your mom will post this one for all of us to hear!! :)

Hot Mom said...

Congrats!!!! So sad we will miss it. I hate that I had to leave St. George.

Brimaca said...

Oh goodness! I didn't know it got deleted. How sad! I'm glad she gets to do it again. She's awesome. I hope you post the video. :)